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"I don't need voices that say "I don't know how you do it." I want a tribe of like minded women who know I am capable of anything and push me."

-Rachael Phillips

Supermom Empowerment Community:

This is a space for all supermoms to connect and share your story. This is your tribe. It is your community to support each other as we make happiness a priority, empower ourselves, chase our dreams and ignite that fire inside. We help each other create that magical balance in life and motherhood.

Supermom Bosses of Frederick:

This community is for any local ladies who are growing a business at the same time as raising your kiddos. We come together in one space and celebrate the wins in motherhood side by side with the wins in business. It's a beautiful space full of amazing energy and support as we all know the rollercoaster that is mompreneur life.

AKA Supermom Business page

Follow me to daily inspiration, real life stories (both the challenges and successes), energetic quotes, and live videos that will wake you up to the life you can create. This is also where you will find all the AKA Supermom events including the free challenges and meetups.

Freedom to Be Mom and More Event

Hey Moms, we see you! Treat yourself to an incredible afternoon, as we rediscover our passion and find the courage to set our sights, spread our wings and let our careers, hobbies and dreams soar.