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"I love attending the supermom events. Rachel is a delightful person who just passes all her positive energy to the folks in the room. I’ve learned so much from Rachel and her gatherings."

-Brittany V.

"I have had the opportunity to have a one on one sit down with Rachael. All I can say is the excitement she has to see and help other women grow as mother’s and business owners is amazing."

-Whitney S.

"Rachael is amazing! If you have a chance to connect with her, definitely do it. She has a way of being a comforting shoulder to lean on all while pushing you towards achieving your personal goals. She is empowering, educational, and just all around awesome. Highly recommend!!"

-Leah L.

"I have found Rachael’s work very valuable and inspiring in my self-development journey as a mom as well as a budding entrepreneur. I look forward to receiving guidance from her posts every morning so that I can live an intentional life that I have purposefully designed myself. Rachael is the real deal! She has refined the concepts of inner work such as gratitude to a science which are easy to implement and get real life results. Her compassionate and respectful approach as a coach is commendable."

-Tanu Bedi S.

"I came to a SuperMom Bosses meeting in September. I’m always a bit nervous to meet new people but she was so welcoming and interested in learning about my business. She genuinely cares about the SuperMoms group. I’m so glad to be part of the group and getting to know Rachel. She’s inspiring and holds me accountable."

-Kristin B.